Church in North CastleThe "base studies" listed below assisted the Town of North Castle as they developed their local comprehensive plan.

Together, Westchester County and the Town of North Castle created this new resource that will help the town in planning future development, allowing them to focus on the important issues, save valuable time and cut costs.

Town of North Castle Planning Base Studies.

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Town of North Castle Planning Base Studies Chapters

Cover and table of contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: External Influences – Regional Context
Chapter 3: Population Characteristics
Chapter 4: Natural Resources
Chapter 5: Recreation, Open Space and Cultural Resources
Chapter 6: Historic and cultural Resources
Chapter 7: Transportation
Chapter 8: Public Facilities
Chapter 9: Infrastructure and Utilities
Chapter 10: Commercial Development
Chapter 11: Residential Development
Chapter 12: Land Use and Current Zoning
Chapter 13: “Build-Out” Under Current Zoning