What characteristics define a commercial corridor?


bulletPoint8px Auto-dominated development on major roadway

bulletPoint8px Limited pedestrian facilities

bulletPoint8px Large parking lots

bulletPoint8px Occasional nodes of residential uses


Target - a big box store

bulletPoint8px Big box stores

bulletPoint8px Strip shopping malls

bulletPoint8px Large signage

bulletPoint8px Transit facilities


These "tools" are used to enhance and improve a commercial corridor.

Bus shelterbulletPoint8px Sidewalk network

bulletPoint8px Attractive signage

bulletPoint8px Limited setbacks

bulletPoint8px Building character/design guidelines

bulletPoint8px Integrating transit into new developments


Bike lane

bulletPoint8px Bicycle facilities

bulletPoint8px Traffic calming/management

bulletPoint8px Create new nodes

bulletPoint8px Greater connectivity between
     residential and commercial uses


Pedestrian and vehicular shared parkingbulletPoint8px Reduced Parking Requirements

bulletPoint8px Parking Behind Retail

bulletPoint8px Shared and Impervious Parking

bulletPoint8px Greener Parking Lots

bulletPoint8px Parking Structures