What charactertics define "countryside residential"?

Low density residential is defined by:

Country road with peak fall foliagebulletPoint8px Open space

bulletPoint8px Limited signage

bulletPoint8px Tree-lined roads

bulletPoint8px Few non-residential uses

Low traffic corridors are defined by:

Dry wall fencing

bulletPoint8px Pedestrian and horse

bulletPoint8px Rural fencing

bulletPoint8px Stone walls

bulletPoint8px Little or no street


These "tools" are used to protect, enhance and encourage "countryside residential" character.

Low density zoning with appropriate setback, bulk and coverage regulations:

House sign and mailbox along a country road bulletPoint8px Conservation easements

bulletPoint8px Scenic overlays

bulletPoint8px Special districts

bulletPoint8px Scenic byway designation

bulletPoint8px Road width limits

Local ordinances:


bulletPoint8px Stone  wall

bulletPoint8px Tree removal

bulletPoint8px Signage

bulletPoint8px Fencing