What charactertics define a waterfront urban mix?

Waterfront Urban Mix

bulletPoint8px Mix of residential, commercial and water-related uses

bulletPoint8px Public access to the waterfront

bulletPoint8px Mix of densities, heights and building heights 

These "tools" are used to protect, enhance and encourage a waterfront urban mix.

bulletPoint8px Character ofwaterfrontRes-3
     development should be
     consistent with town and
     village character

bulletPoint8px Should be well-
     integrated with

bulletPoint8px Retail should serve
     entire community not
     just those who live there

Waterfront Urban Mix

bulletPoint8px Provide public waterfront access and amenities such as marinas and boat launches, kayak and canoe racks, waterfront esplanades and fishing and observation piers          



bulletPoint8px Mixed-use waterfront zoning designation                                                               

bulletPoint8px Access to transit (ferry, train, bus)

bulletPoint8px Maintain viewsheds