Westchester 2025 is another step in the continuum of county planning that includes three preceding plans:


assumptionsGoals"Assumptions, Goals and Urban Form", a pioneering county planning project completed in 1975.











"Assumptions" was updated in 1985 as "Urban Forms Refinement."


The fundamental policies articulated in "Urban Form" became the building blocks for "Patterns."






patternsWestchester"Patterns for Westchester" is the product of the county Planning Board’s reexamination and redefinition of the policies and strategies designed for a simpler time.

"Patterns" defined the crucial strategy for conserving the environment and nurturing the county's economy to strengthen existing centers and corridors of development.

This approach shifted the emphasis from "Urban Form" in which the over-riding concern was density patterns.


Westchester 2025 affirms the planning foundation of centers, corridors and open space and revisits the question of regional density and associated development impacts using the latest in GIS technology. Innovative parcel-based zoning build-out analyses are currently being conducted by Westchester Planning Department Staff for each municipality. Build-out results will serve as a foundation for the future 2025 Vision Plan Map of recommended land use densities.